Ada Lowe Lace Day: Women in Technology in a Hard Year

Ada Lowe Lace Day: Women in Technology in a Hard Year

From caravans to kitchen staff and podcasters to pregnant women, I’ve talked to many women in and with technology about how to solve problems caused by coronary heart disease.

Researchers say women have more work and family responsibilities around the world than men around the world.

These women told us their feelings, frustrations and hopes.

I have a new business and a new life, said Claire Muscat, a woman. Due to a closed station, they lose their jobs and relationships.

Tuesday (Ada Lovelace Day) celebrates the annual festival of women working under men in the world of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

And this year, they faced a number of challenges.

Varsha Amin, Technology and Digital Skills, Hampshire

At that time we only noticed it. I was disappointed too. Now I work online and use technology. It was different, but I think Take advantage of what I have booked for many months.

Without digital intelligence, millions of companies. People, even more business went. The heavier the number, the more everything seems to go backwards. But the truth is that digital technology has changed so rapidly.

I am convinced that technology can help anyone start a business anywhere and be successful.

My husband is a psychiatrist. When Code came, he was at the forefront of the attack on us and we had no custody of children.

One day I was sitting crying at my laptop. It was too hard to fight for equality. My daughter started school in September. Still, when she became independent, I would be able to focus on my business.

Jesse Ritey, founder of a public relations firm in Cornwall

There can be no doubt that this has been a difficult year in my life said Jesse Reti, founder of Cornwall, founder of Urine Technology Company. When I heard the closure, I lost 40% of my trade in just two days.

I worked hard to achieve my goal. I was angry when I lost everything from the plague. I worked a long time to show it to my clients.

I’m afraid I’ll miss more next week. But now I have 60% more work.

I work at home. But the biggest problem is that my eight-year-old daughter is always with me when I go to school. We know it happens, but it all happens. Try very fast. Take care of the kids with the hard work. I have to call her for the lock.

I’m ashamed to say he spent most of his time watching Netflix and Disney. But I’m a businessman and my husband and I kept decorating the house and we were in the garage until it was done.

I’m starting a new business and this time it’s about teaching technology. I want to do as much as I can to save my loved ones and prepare for the ‘impossible. In the future.

Claire Muscat, Essex


What they took me to is no more. I lived the dreams and the career of my life. And I left the world business to pursue this. And as the disease spread, it affected everyone.

My clients I worked with avoided spending unnecessary money. So my relationship ended. My best friend left my house. And for a moment, my relationship with others just developed.

I talked to women in my field and we began to express our feelings. He thought, How can I bring this conversation into the world so that it can inspire others?

At that time, it only came to our attention. After a negative experience, I had to teach myself to produce it. Now I have paid off my debts and developed personal communities through online broadcasting.

Now I do not know what will happen in the future or not, he said. If that does not happen then it is still a business opportunity.

Rebecca Network Security Specialist, Ireland

I used to work at home. At the beginning of closing time I did not find this a big deal. But then I found it very difficult to work at the dining room table. Then I took the old table from my friend and I was very happy.

There have been problems with online business since closing. Sometimes it’s a fact that they get bank loans, sometimes they exchange small amounts from one account to another and sometimes it can be difficult to get a low return.

I’m four months pregnant with my first child. I need new clothes but when you go to the store you cannot wear anything and I do not know how big I am.

Where I went out was also limited. I’m not driving. I have to do everything at work, we do not go to work because queuing is a very tiring process.

I feel like I’ve lost my freedom. I think I’ll never meet a parent until my children start school.

Bradley Gallery, author, Leeds

“Before the competition, the couple and I ran our own company where we wrote material for customers and a website.

Our income fell by two-thirds at the close, the government did not finance it legally and because we had so little work to do that we could not take a vacation.

We simply realized that we were slowly reaching the edge of the river. But I was surprised and happy that I got the job I wanted in May and with that I wrote the results. Home affairs on the internet and technology.

Staying home and working around the children was the hardest thing we could do.

My son is seven years old and he is very scared. We can not spend time with him sometimes, but we think.

The rules of television have disappeared in our homes. We tried the real problem. My youngest son got cod in July and had a high fever recently, but it took about six days until the exam appeared and my son had to drop out of school again. My husband works until midnight to fix things.

Ada Lowe Lace Day
Ada Lowe Lace Day

So Charman Anderson, founder of Ida Lowe Day, USA

On Ada Loles Day, we usually hold cabaret-style events in central London, he said. We’ve swapped out five free webinars and a 50-hour blog about online video sharing, social media posts, and YouTube playlists.

We now have our online conferences in 29 countries. I want to provide something for streaming services and topics that I never thought possible.

It is a tedious task to figure out how to hold an online meeting at a reasonable price with the extra work to be done.

The spread has had a big impact on our revenue because companies now have less money to support events, he said. We also need to think about what we can do to deal with the setback, but above all I am very excited about what I have done.

The epidemic has forced us to rethink everything and some of the changes we have made now will be final.

2020 is difficult and we are not out of it yet, but I hope it makes us stronger and we can reach out and help more women with them.

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