Breast Cancer: I felt breast when I was 28 weeks pregnant

Breast Cancer: I felt breast when I was 28 weeks pregnant

Amy, 29, is from Somerset (UK) and is a make-up artist and therapist. She was diagnosed with breast cancer during her pregnancy and has since shared details of her difficult journey on social media, hoping to help young expectant mothers. At the same time, we must fight this disease.

Last night, while I was washing my head, I was constantly getting hairballs. Now my hair is almost. The last two times I underwent chemotherapy, my eyebrows and eyelashes failed. It was a painful experience because you can never prepare for such a situation.

When I stood in front of the mirror, it was very strange because I could not recognize the man in the mirror, she said.

I used to be a make-up artist and run a beauty salon. I had to close my salon because it was too difficult to manage.

But I’m obsessed with teaching people to be as happy as possible living in the skin that nature gives them. That’s why I talked about how hard it is for me to lose my hair and eyelids. Your eyebrows play an important role in the whole structure. on the face and it is the eyelids that mark your face.

Now I need to do more makeup to look normal.

I recently became a mom and I try to do the same things somehow, try to be the same as I was before I got pregnant. But now many things have changed in my life. I really feel like I have lost my identity.

At first, I felt a lump in my chest while taking a shower. One day, this gland remained all day. I was shocked.

In a few days, I decided to go to the hospital. Unfortunately, the Corona epidemic has intensified these days, the woman I study in full protective clothing refuses to see me at all.

Such body changes during pregnancy are normal, so go home and put cold cabbage leaves on your chest, she said. I trusted them and returned home. Of course, that’s what we all do. Do you think that what the experts say is true?

Then over the next four or five weeks, the lump grows and spreads under my breasts.

The scene was spreading, and I thought I should show it again. I called my clinic and they asked me to come to a special breast clinic the next day.

The clinic that exploded revealed that something was wrong. So they did a biopsy at the same time and scanned my shoulders with the machine.

It was the 35th week of my pregnancy when I was officially diagnosed with triple negative cancer.

I hear that. I felt like the ground was dragged under my feet.

When you are pregnant, you feel a strange feeling that nothing more can harm you and your baby. To think I was pregnant when I got breast cancer was something I had never heard of in my entire life.

There was a feeling of strong fear.

Breast Cancer: I felt breast when I was 28 weeks pregnant
Breast Cancer: I felt breast when I was 28 weeks pregnant

Kisner takes away your will

My daughter Brady Ray was born by caesarean section three weeks before the trial and I was only able to care for her once.

The most beautiful and natural moment of pregnancy in Kessner vertebrae was when I was breastfeeding my daughter.

But the next day, the doctors gave me medication to prevent milk from entering my breasts. Therefore, I could not feed my daughter after that.

I recently had my last chemotherapy. I stay home and relax as much as possible. I have completed one third of the treatment and I will have surgery in the next four weeks.

I’m tired of being a thief because Kessner is showing his influence.

Breast cancer means I can no longer do everything alone and make many decisions.

The doctors told me what the treatment was, and they also told me that I could not feel the baby when it was born. They also gave me antimenopausal drugs to protect my uterus from chemotherapy.

Now that the ovaries are no longer functioning at the end of chemotherapy, the opportunity to become a mother again may be lost. This is another thing that cancer has taken away from me.

I do not look in the mirror these days. It’s a job I do not want to do. However, I wear artificial magnetic eyelids, even if they look very strange. I wear these eyelids when I’m really ready and out of the house, somewhere far away.

I also found a great makeup pencil that you can use to make the hair on your head. What I lost on this trip, these little products of this type helped me a lot to recover some of them.

During my pregnancy, I was supported by many large organizations and groups, including the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation and the Mummy Star

I think I am very happy to be alive and to have a daughter.

I could not imagine how I would like to become a mother, but she dreamed for a long time. Therefore, I could not believe that I had cancer at the same time, which should be the most beautiful thing in my life.

For many days I wondered if I was the girl I should be with.

But when I see my daughter every day, I realize how happy I am. If she were not with me today, I probably would not have children. I think I am the happiest woman in the world. The church is the greatest light for me in this darkness of life.

I also think that cancer deepens our relationship even more as we grow older and realize how special and important it is.

My daughter is a happy little fairy who just smiles. I think he started laughing long before his time. Its existence complements me.

I would urge all young mothers to put pressure on their doctors to continue to do so during this epidemic.

When I was first sent from the hospital, I felt that they were not really listening to me. So it’s important that now that the code is tightening in the UK, you need to trust your sixth sense and follow your heart.

My cancer is growing very fast. Who knows what would have happened today if I had not thought something was wrong?

It is a month when you should pay attention to breast cancer, but I do not want the disease to be displayed so vividly and gently. There is no such thing. He kills a young woman.

So, it is important to monitor your breasts and remind yourself every month that you need to be checked because it is important to detect the disease early.

Cancer is a terrible thing that no one should have. That’s why I share my story on Instagram so I can tell people about it and help them.

Many women have contacted me and told me that they too have been diagnosed with cancer, and that is because of my history because they have been following their breasts ever since. That’s what I wanted.

When the BBC contacted a local clinic, a spokesman said he could not comment on the matter, but said: “We apologize for the incidents you mentioned. And the lessons we have learned from this case will take care of these things in the future.

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