Indian Girl Attempt to remove their own objectionable photos

Indian Girl Attempt to remove their own objectionable photos from Google, including, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube

A 16-year-old girl from Delhi school in Nadia loves a class boy. Soon though they noticed that their relationship was deteriorating.

The boy forced the boy to post nude photos, according to the girl. The girls had to end the relationship after a while.

After studying in 2014, I went to study abroad. But the boy did not follow them. He came to Britain to meet them. She went to her home and was physically injured, the girl said.

The girl complained to the local police

A British court found the boy guilty in 2017. And forbade him to have contact with the girl. The court also barred the boy from entering the town where he lived for two years.

Revenge on social media

From 2019 to October, the girl found out that the boy had posted his personal photos on social media platforms such as Twitter,

Instagram and YouTube

The girl sent her picture to a 16-year-old boy.

The girl has filed an FIR with the cyber police in the Indian capital and has also asked to delete photos from social media platforms.

The girl is now 24 years old. He also appealed to the Delhi High Court, saying that social media platforms had not removed the alleged general URL. He said there are more than 50 URLs that contain his own image.

social networks
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What did the social network say?

In this case, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube told the court in July this year that the URL had been removed, but the images were still online as many other users had uploaded them again.

Companies here believe that when the accused posted unnecessary and pictures of the girl on social media, the photos reached many people. Many people have downloaded it and re-read it on the Internet.

The Delhi Supreme Court has issued a ban on unnecessary content on social media platforms to prevent its further spread.

The court clarified that the domain that receives the information must remove the illegal content.

Facebook and Google have also ordered all possible steps to remove the same content from the previously deleted URL, the court said.

The Delhi High Court has ordered the removal of unwanted images of girls from Google and Facebook, which were posted by several users on social media platforms without their approval.

Police ordered action

Meanwhile, the court has ordered the police to identify and take action against those who re-send the unnecessary material. The court also said that Instagram and Google must ensure that pornography is not found on their platforms.

The court found that the material required for the petitioner belonged to the category of child sexual organs because the girl was 16 years old at the time.

The court ordered the police and the agency to send it to the National Criminal Investigation Department, the National Bureau of Criminal Investigation, to take action to remove the contents.

Technical and legal solutions

Dr Karnika Seth that if someone goes to court with a complaint, the court will visit the social media platform to remove unnecessary material as soon as the complaint is received.

He said there have been many cases before. If the plaintiff claims that another video or similar image has been reposted on the social media platform, the platform must remove its contents if it does not go to court.

Technology is also used in this.

Dr Karnika Seth said there are several technical tools, such as the hash mechanism for DNA imaging. Like all products with a barcode, so does the DNA hash image mechanism.

Images become valuable hash. If this hash value is enabled, the image can be viewed anywhere on the Internet. According to Dr Carnica can prevent this drug.

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