Zainab Alert is here to help kids report and recover

Zainab Alert is here to help kids report and recover Federal Minister for Human Rights Sherine Mazari said on her Twitter account that Zainab Alert is being launched in cooperation with the Ministry of Human Rights and PMDU. According to Federal Minister for Human Rights Sherine Mazari, the warning application has been launched in cooperation … Read more

Corona Disease: restricted to London and Essex

corona in london

Corona Disease: restricted to London and Essex, two tsunami threats to Pakistan and where you will be legal in many French cities. The British government has provided additional funding for fears that the Corona could spread to millions in London and Essex. Matt Hancock, originally from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, … Read more

Mobile Technology

mobile technology

All about Mobile technology Introduction This increases your ability to connect, work anywhere and be effective on the go. As mobile technology simplifies business, it streamlines business processes such as customer service or enterprise products and increases the chances of expanding your business. This guide also describes the advantages and disadvantages of mobile technology and … Read more

Cryptocurrency: Distributing cryptocurrencies under a digital payment scheme to 50,000 citizens.


About 2 million people have registered for cryptocurrency The Chinese bank has distributed 10 million yuan (approximately $ 1.5 million) in digital currency i.e Cryptocurrency (approximately $ 1.5 million) to 50,000 Shenzhen residents. The move comes as a result of the launch of China’s new e-payment program (DCEP). Each citizen who wins the lottery will … Read more

Ada Lowe Lace Day: Women in Technology in a Hard Year

Ada Lowe Lace Day

Ada Lowe Lace Day: Women in Technology in a Hard Year From caravans to kitchen staff and podcasters to pregnant women, I’ve talked to many women in and with technology about how to solve problems caused by coronary heart disease. Researchers say women have more work and family responsibilities around the world than men around … Read more

iPhone 12 What’s new in Apple’s new iPhone?

iPhone 12

iPhone 12 What’s new in Apple’s new iPhone? US technology company Apple has unveiled the new iPhone 12, the first of its kind to be powered by 5G technology. Apple has introduced four iPhone 12 models, including a smaller iPhone. Apple has made some changes to the look of the new models. Experts and analysts … Read more

The International Monetary Fund’s International Economic Outlook

India's Historical Recession in GDP

India’s Historical Recession in GDP and Tightening of the Chinese Economy The recent monetary policy of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for the years 2020-21 and 2021-22 has shown some scepticism. Although the declining state of the Indian economy was discussed on social media, the Chinese economy, the world’s second-largest economy, showed a sharp increase … Read more

Healthy Vegetables for Health


Importance of Vegetables and Healthy Veetables Vegetables are good for your health. Most vegetables are low in calories. However, it is rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber. However, some vegetables have been shown to be good for health, such as fighting edema or reducing the risk of disease. This article discusses 14 healthy vegetables and … Read more

The importance of Biology

The importance of biology

Why Biology is Important, the importance of biology The importance of biology is simple you cannot study medicine without your knowledge of biology. Science studies the workings of living things as humans and their work. Biology is far from answering all the questions that the scientific mind needs. For example, despite technological advances in recent … Read more