Safa and her Pakistani sister Marva successful Surgery

Safa and her Pakistani sister Marva return home after successful Surgery

Two Twins Safa and her Pakistani sister Marva who were born and separated at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London last year returned home.

Safa and Merve Bibi had 3 major surgeries and stayed in the theatre for more than 50 hours.

Daughter Zainab Bibi told the BBC that she is happy to bring her daughter back to the rest of the family.

The girls are doing great, Marva said, and she has made great progress and needs little help.

We will keep our eyes on Safa and take care of it. God wills. Both will start walking.

It should be one to two

Damaged twins are extremely rare and only 1 of the born twins are attached to each other’s heads, in this medical term Most of these corneal twins die in infancy.

A team of 100 people from Great Ormond Street Hospital attended the care of the girls.

including business.

The girl is now three and a half years old and receives regular therapy to help her walk. However, both struggled to learn.

Her mother calls the operation a hero and wants to help seven more children in Pakistan to care for Safa and Marva.

Owais Jilani, a surgeon who performed the surgery, said that he and his team were very happy for his family.

However, he told the BBC that he still had doubts about the results of the surgery.

Marva was doing really well when she saw the whole family. Yes, that was the right thing to do. But I’m not sure about Safa.

Owais Jilani, the most experienced neurosurgeon, continues to worry about the near-impossible choice that his team had to make in the theatre.

Safa and her Pakistani sister Marva
Safa and her Pakistani sister Marva

The surgeon made a difficult decision for Safa and her Pakistani sister Marva

Twins have normal blood vessels that feed the brain. Only one of the female twins was able to donate vital blood vessels and donate to the Rulnerable Marwa.

The result, Safa suffered a stroke that permanently damaged his brain and may not be able to walk at all.

Owais Jilani said that this has always bothered him: “It was a decision I made surgeon, it was a decision we made as a team, it was a decision we had to make.”

He thought it would be good for Safa and Marva to leave earlier. It should be noted that it will take months to raise the funds required to pay for these surgical and other expenses.

Later, Owais Jilani and his surgeon friend David Dnaway founded a charity called Twins in Twins to raise money and raise awareness about the cost of separating carnivore meat.

the same surgical team from Great Ormond Street Hospital in January 2020, the twins are indistinguishable from Turkey after a successful surgery.

Yagat and Dermin also had three surgeries. However, the process was much faster than Safa and Merve. Gemini returned to Turkey before their second birthday, and doctors believed they would heal quickly.

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