Tayyip Erdogan: Erdo’s efforts to break through Dhaka in all areas devalued by Turkish currency

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan: Erdo’s efforts to break through Dhaka in all areas devalued by Turkish currency

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The depreciation of the currency is due to investors in the Turkish economy. It faces the Corona virus every now and then in Turkey and continues to compete with NATO on the other hand.

In the past few days, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has applied it to other countries, including the United States and the United States.

Analysts see an impact on Turkey, up 11.7 percent last month, and the Turkish central bank issued interest rates.

An increase in interest rates could lead to lower inflation, while interest rates on consumers buying lira are likely to rise again. According to passersby, Turkish investors in Libya, Syria and the Caucasus and around Cyprus are no longer allowed to work.

“The reduction in geopolitical tensions with the United States and the European Union is compounded by the new lira, which undermines it,” Reuters told the exchange.

Roberto Bank analyst Piotr Mathis said there were concerns that if U.S. President Bo Biden moves forward, Turkey could face “severe penalties for buying the aircraft security system”. , there are concerns about difficulties in relations between Turkey and France quickly.

The lira is worth 26% this year, and Turkish officials say they have spent 4,134 billion (103 million euros) in the last 18 months to strengthen their finances.

Rocket war
Rocket war

Rocket war

On October 23, President Erdo Noun confirmed that Turkey was testing the controversial S400 missile system. It is not known who you will play with, he said on Sunday in response to US criticism of Russia’s armed conflict. Go ahead and impose sanctions.

The U.S. Department of State has stepped in to Turkey because of its negative effects on organizational relations” while activating the missile system.

The European Union has the largest trade cooperation partnership in Turkey. But this month, President Erdogan read out an announcement by the European Union on oil exploration off the coast of Cyprus.

The European Union (EU) is saddened by new, irrelevant measures and provocations against Turkey in the eastern Mediterranean region, including the pursuit of wealth, the conference said.

Greece and Cyprus strongly oppose Northern Cyprus in Turkey.

French President Emmanuel McCain has come out in person to announce Turkey’s actions in the region. On Sunday, President Erdogan read it out against French Muslims and then backed their call to the Arabs. McCain campaigned against “Islamic extremists” in France.

The Turkish economy is also under pressure from the coronavirus. After the worst wave in Bihar, the country managed to keep the death toll at least 1,000 a day, now, like its European neighbors, it is growing n.

According to BBC Anis Sanderdem, the solution was that the central bank did not expect last week the interest rate to increase lending in the short term.

But the Erdogan president is opposed to high interest rates, and according to Senirdem, many Turkish analysts believe he has an impact on interest rates.

The sale of thousands of dollars shows that the lira has damaged Turkey’s currency. The Turkish economy is expected to slow down this year.

Citizenship of President Erdogan along with Russia, another major member of Turkey, is also growing cold due to political opposition in the region.

Russia’s supporters in Turkey are on rival sides in Libya and Syria, while President Erdogan supports Azerbaijan in the struggle for the Armenian-led Nagorno-Karabakh region.

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