The son of a shoemaker who became President of the United States

2020 US Presidential Election: The son of a shoemaker who became President of the United States

Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States, but did you know that he is the only President of the United States who is a billionaire in terms of personal wealth and his net worth is estimated at $ 2.5 billion? If you look at the personal wealth of other US presidents in the same way, most of them were millionaires.

After Donald Trump George Washington, the first President of the United States, whose fortune now exceeds $ 580 million.

Most of the Founding Fathers of Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, Andrew Jackson, and the Founding Fathers of the United States came from wealthy families.

If we talk about Bill Clinton today, his personal net worth is 75 million, and like most presidents, he did not inherit that fortune, but he made it for himself.

But there have been presidents in the history of the United States who have lived in extreme poverty all their lives, or at least their lives began in extreme poverty, and there are two presidents who are considered the most senior presidents. most important in American history.

Poor president distributing billions

Harry. After World War II, when Europe was devastated, Truman devised a plan of war for the United States to revive the economy, devastating Western Europe. He also founded NATO, the largest military alliance in the world at the time.

Harry Truman is the only man in history who ordered an atomic bomb to be dropped on the enemy.

But surprisingly, a president so successful that he has given billions of dollars to the world is personally considered to be the poorest president in American history.

Harry Truman’s poverty can be measured by the fact that after leaving the presidency he did not have enough money to buy a house and had to move into his mother-in-law’s house with his wife.

Harry Truman’s father was a farmer in the state of Missouri. When Harry started his career, he did a few odd jobs, including a clerk in a newspaper mailroom and a bank.

He also worked on his father’s farm, but always said that he wanted to earn more than a farmer’s income. In 1917 he joined the National Guard.

After the army, when Truman returned and invested after World War I, none of his efforts were successful. With a military friend, he opened a malfunctioning men’s clothing store. He started a mining and oil business but failed.

President of Zapatero’s son

Abraham Lincoln is often named the greatest President in United States history. He won the Civil War for black freedom in America and saved the country from collapse.

But such a great president grew up in extreme poverty. Lincoln’s father was a small farmer. He owned a small piece of land in Kentucky where he ran his own farm. When Lincoln was two years old, his father lost a claim on his land and had no farm.

son of a shoemaker who became President
son of a shoemaker who became President

The Lincoln family moved to Indiana on that occasion. For lack of money, his father built an illegal cabin on government property, and Lincoln grew up in the same house. Abraham Lincoln attended school for only one year of his life and his stepmother Sarah Johnston provided him with the remainder of his education.

Lincoln’s childhood was spent on a poor farm where life was not easy, and he spent his days as a laborer with his father. In his youth he tried many small businesses.

When he was 20, he opened a general store that failed miserably because his business partner died and all of the credit for opening the store went to Lincoln.

But Abraham Lincoln’s personality was fraught with struggle.

At this point, Lincoln began law school himself and came out of poverty. He has become one of the most successful lawyers in the state. Later, when he got into politics, the same courageous figure helped him save America.

That courage probably comes from extreme poverty.

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