US Presidential Election

Twitter will categorize the warning allegations with an early victory

Twitter says it will not allow any user, including candidates, to announce an early victory in the upcoming US election.

The social media platform claims that a tweet classified as successful before an obvious advertisement would be classified as a warning.

Last month, Facebook announced a similar move.

Additionally, Twitter is changing the way you retweet temporarily and users have to post some of their private messages on Twitter. If not, it’s a normal retweet.

While this will cause some problems for people who just want to retweet, we hope people think about why they are promoting the tweet and let people know what they think about it, the company said. It will also express.

These changes will take place from 20 October until the end of the elections, he added.

US presidential election
US presidential election

Controversial results

Additionally, Twitter says it will remove all tweets that affect the election outcome or incite violence.

We will put warning posters on tweets that make false claims about success and we will remove tweets that ask people to intervene in the polling work, the company said.

Twitter described the new voting rules as part of the new Swake guidelines. These guidelines were changed in September.

According to Twitter, the size of the election results is the announcement of state officials or the predictions of two independent national media outlets.

In addition to ranking early success claims, Twitter will also advise users to visit the US election page.

Facebook and Twitter are closely monitored as they are selected, and the two companies have policies in place to prevent the disclosure of unconfirmed information.

However, in a global pandemic, the number of ballots in the mail would be much higher this time around, which could take longer and delay official results.

Mark Zuckerberg, president of Facebook, said: “Our country is very divided right now and it could take days or weeks to see results.

Twitter’s actions also include ensuring that someone who attempts to retweet a tweet with a warning sticker clearly receives a link sent to a trusted source.

Popular American politicians or US accounts with more than ten thousand followers also have the opportunity to tweet on these large accounts.

The company will also remove allusive tweets from strangers.

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