World Mental Health Day: Treating Mental Health Problems where money flows like water

Treating Mental Health Problems where money flows like water

I have spent Rs 161,800 so far on taking care of my sanity.

Mental health care is important and it costs a lot. Because the sanitary facilities in India are bad.

Karnika Kohli, who works for a media company, tweeted this on July 21 of this year.

Karnika is based in Delhi, the capital of India, and has a good job and income. Even so, she felt she had spent a lot of money on treating depression and anxiety.

Money flows like recycled water

The question now is, if people in the capital, Delhi, and people on high incomes are concerned about the cost of treating mental health problems, how difficult will it be for the poor and social class? lower average to handle it?

Awareness of the importance of mental health has increased over the years.

There are people these days who suggest going to a psychiatrist, but where the huge fees for psychiatrists come from is still controversial.

In large cities such as Delhi and Mumbai, the average price for a consultation session (40 to 45 minutes) is 1,000 to 3,000 rupees.

This advice lasts a long time in the case of mental disorders. Usually 20-30 counseling and therapy sessions. In such cases the money must be wasted like water.

Not even health insurance

Mental health is not included in Karnika and Molsheri health insurance.

The fragility of the situation can be seen in the fact that in intensifying the mental health debate in the case of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput, the Supreme Court should have questioned why the insurance does not include psychiatric care in health insurance. To do

Judges Nariman, Judges Naveen Sinha and Judges Gowai had sent notices to the central government and the Indian Insurance Supervisory Authority (IRDA) during a petition hearing in June to resolve the matter.

Is Insanity Really That Expensive? And if so, what are the reasons?

Dr. Om Prakash, a senior psychiatrist at the Delhi-based Institute for Human Behavior and Allied Sciences (Abas), spoke extensively with the BBC.

World Mental Health Day
World Mental Health Day

Here are some of the ones I found interesting:

* The real problem isn’t that mental illness treatments are expensive. The problem is not that counseling and therapy are expensive. The real problem is that there is a severe shortage of psychiatrists in public hospitals across the country. The real problem is already poor mental health in poor health services.

* Central governments and most states are not sensitive to mental health problems and therefore do not appoint psychiatrists and psychologists in hospitals. Governments do not consider it necessary to provide psychiatric services in hospitals.

* If psychiatrists are hired in some public hospitals, they must be hired too. Government contracts for doctors don’t have enough money or facilities.

In contrast, private hospitals offer psychiatrists good salaries and better facilities. In such a situation, any doctor would rather work in a private hospital than in a government position.

* Since very few public hospitals can treat mental illness and this facility is available, there is a shortage of doctors and an excess of patients. In such a situation, the fees for private doctors should be increased.

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