Zainab Alert is here to help kids report and recover

Zainab Alert is here to help kids report and recover

Federal Minister for Human Rights Sherine Mazari said on her Twitter account that Zainab Alert is being launched in cooperation with the Ministry of Human Rights and PMDU.

According to Federal Minister for Human Rights Sherine Mazari, the warning application has been launched in cooperation with the Ministry of Human Rights and PMD, which will help to report cases of missing children and children immediately. Recovery helps, too.

After the 2018 incident in Punjab province in the Punjab province of Pakistan, the government arrested a girl named Zainab. The bill was introduced by Bill Zainab Alert in 2019 and stated that no problem should be resolved within three months after its registration. Child abduction or sexual abuse.

Not only that, but the bill paves the way for a new agency for response and rehabilitation to report and restore missing children. According to the provisions of the bill, the government will establish a system to search for missing children.

What is the Zainab warning application?

zainab alert app
zainab alert app

In an interview with the BBC, Ananas Tariq, head of BMU’s technical team, said the app is designed to make it easier for the average person to connect with related institutions. He said the app was created as part of the transit of Pakistani citizens.

According to him, the main purpose of this is to report this information if the child is missing or abducted or has been the victim of violence, violence, or any other unpleasant event. Can

He also said that citizens can use the app to register their personal affairs and fulfil their social responsibilities.

How to use the Zainab Alert app

Image source strictly, Pakistan Ministry of Human Rights

This application can be used for mobile portals as well as for citizens. To do this, the user must go to the App Store and download this app called “Zainab Alert”.

According to Anan Tariq, all aspects of this application are available so that citizens can enter all kinds of information about themselves and their children into the application.

If a citizen wants to report an accident in person, he must provide all information, including the child’s name, age, appearance, etc.

According to Anna’s story, “We have provided a box for more information and everything has been done to write as much information as possible.

On the other hand, if a citizen wants to report or report a social responsibility, then he clicks on the “social responsibility” option in the application. He can then enter all kinds of information about the event.

He said that the two options were presented in the application to prove that he is a citizen or that he is being reported by the responsible citizen or anyone else.

zainab alert app
zainab alert app

What happens after I report a problem?

Reporting an event can be seen on an audio or audio news portal in the vein area where the citizen can effectively implement the disruption. Then the command is referred to this region O. All organizations of persons with disabilities in the country use their systems to make changes and concepts that apply, and this issue has been reported.

The role of the role

Contact the person who reported the accident to the Internal Police 24 hours a day, after which the corrective action will be a confirmation of whether or not this accident really happened.

If the IR is verified, the police will record the flight information report and then take action if the case is investigated, the last step is to close the case.

In the first case, if the charge is wrong, the police will close the case.

Anas Tariq, a press report on the correct behaviour of a citizen policeman.

We also look at all the reasons for calling the problem a bug or a bug

The Ministry of Human Rights should not write to institutions asking them to make more progress on their release, and I’ll take care of all of this on my own.

zainab alert app
zainab alert app

Should a person report a missing child to the Cabinet?

Zainab’s Warning A list of cities will be presented that contains problem-specific information in detail. If he can do that, it could take hours for the kid to remove him from the list.

Not only that, with the help of this it is possible to raise the contribution of my children to the cross, and the posting has the power to strengthen children in-depth on social networks.

The US Police Special Health Unit also said that many issues related to crown health also fall within the context of good governance and childcare centres. Also, pay attention to the volume of events that will be celebrated before you leave.

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